Best study videos for RHS Level Study Modules R2101-R2104 (old syllabus) and Unit 1 Topic 2 (Plant Health) and 3 (Plant nutrition) (New syllabus)


I sit down at 9am to find a video on how to sow fine seed to back up the written notes we have studied. Two hours later I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

There are lots of great videos on the internet and lots of bad ones too. Some are great for 90% of the time and then they say something I believe is totally wrong so then it’s a case of reject, and on to the next. I love to show a video to students. For one thing, it’s good to listen to someone else’s opinion or way of doing something or just someone else. It also gives me a little pause and time to get ready for the next section. But the price I pay for this little pause is sometimes 3 hours research.

Videos are useful, especially for evening classes when it is dark outside. Much of the learning for the RHS Certificate Principles of horticulture is classroom based because there may not be relevant site facilities available, enough time or daylight to go outside and demonstrate or show something in person.

I have chosen these videos for the following reasons:

  • They are informative and relevant to the syllabus learning outcomes.
  • They sometimes make you smile due to the way they are presented (please if you are in any of these videos I really do appreciate the time and effort taken to make them)
  • I couldn’t find a decent video so I made one myself – so you can laugh at that one too.

Recommended Videos

R2101 Plant Classification, Structure and Function.

Movement of water and sugars and a good summary of plant part diagrams.

This video has no sound but is a great summary of plant parts and tissues as well as water movement and phloem movement. Before watching this, you need to have some prior knowledge of this topic.

Xylem and phloem – transport of water and nutrients part 1 2 3

Plant tissues.

  • This wonderful amazing video (yes it’s me) gives an overview of plant tissues using models. There is a blog here on the website if you want more written detail.

R2102 Plant Nutrition and the Root Environment

Soil Cultivation

These videos show the different ways to cultivate soil including not cultivating it (the no dig method)

Single digging

Double digging. Informative and amusing. He also talks about different types of organic matter which can be added when digging.

Using a rotavator

No dig technique with Charles Dowding. There are many excellent informative videos on this youtube channel. I like his relaxed manner and he is so knowledgeable.

R2103 Maintaining Plant Health

A good introduction to how climate and growing conditions affect plant health. Particularly useful for understanding disorders.

Glasshouse whitefly life cycle. The life cycle needs to be understood as this informs how the pest can be controlled.

Aphid life cycle. The life cycle needs to be understood as this informs how the pest can be controlled.

R2104 Plant Propagation

Preparing a container for sowing fine seed. An absolutely amazing stunning video showing the 3 sizes of seed with named examples which are studied for sowing in containers and how to prepare a container for sowing small seed. (yes it’s me)

How to sow fine seed part 2

Softwood Cuttings of Pelargonium (not geranium as the video says)